Online Reviews

"A rare place to find the connection of one's body mind and soul through a melting of physical conditioning and mental sharpness all done in the arena of Respect If your looking to find a uniquely different way to meet life long friends or step up your physical workout Master P TKD is a sure fire to do all the above." ~Sean Kennedy, Black Stripe (who trains with wife and 3 daughters)

"The best way I can describe Master P's world class taekwondo is super amazing. Master P and his world class instructors has a way of communicating the instructions to the students in a way that they can understand. In a fun and positive way when you walk through them doors you are family. Not only with the instructors but also with the students there. it is a friendly and fun environment to learn Taekwondo. not only will you learn traditional Taekwondo at its very best. also everything at the school is earned by hard work and dedication. see for yourself... and you will see why I love this school." ~Angel Crespo,Black Belt

"No tips, just great instructors who are dedicated to their craft and make it fun for the kids to learn." ~Brian Anderson, father to 2 Little Tiger Kids

"I love Master P Tae Kwon Do . It's very family oriented and we are getting total fitness as a family. My son looks forward to going every week! Since I been going I learned ways to defend myself and my husband and I lost some unwanted pounds. The staff is very kind, helpful and diligent." ~Tanya Washington, trains with husband and son



"The school has been a great experience for our son. The program has so many positive examples for him to learn from;  work hard, strive for excellence, share what you know, help others, never give up ... I could go on and on. The life lessons will serve him well with whatever he decides to do. We are proud to be a part of the school. The instructors are very knowledgeable, patient, and are fully committed to helping every student achieve their goal. We believe in, and fully support the values of the program. TAE KWON DO!!!!!!" ~Keith Sullivan – Father of Will Sullivan (Blue Belt)

"I have been involved with Master P's for some time now, and I can say that if you have any interest for good martial arts instruction, with a flexible class schedule, and a place that focuses on the teaching of students to get the max out of their training, Master P's is the place. Great instructors, great facility, great value, everyone should be a part of it." ~Chris McDowell